Transmission Overhaul

What is Transmission Overhaul

A transmission overhaul, also called transmission rebuild, is comprehensive mechanical overhaul performed to a transmission of a vehicle. A transmission, just like the engine, contains several interrelated mechanical components which wear out with time and extended use. Overhauling the transmission replaces the worn parts without having to replace the whole unit.


A transmission overhaul is a popular choice for those who wish to avoid paying the high cost of replacing their vehicles’ worn-out or damaged transmissions with a new one. The brand new transmissions, particularly on late, more modern model cars may be nearly as costly as brand new engine. Several people, particularly those running on tighter budgets, or those wishing simply to avoid settling the full cost of a new vehicle transmission, are going to choose transmission rebuild. The overhaul of transmission includes removal as well as inspection of the vehicle’s transmission, together with refurbishment or replacement of any extremely worn-out or damaged transmission parts.


The vehicle transmission is a complex mechanical system containing several bands, gears, rotors and bands which all operate in harmony so as to effect optimum operation of transmission. A transmission overhaul includes careful inspection of components which are extremely damaged or worn-out beyond repair and are replaced. Often, this implies replacement with new parts while at other times; it means replacement with reconditioned or refurbished parts. But the bottom line is that a vehicle transmission overhaul restores the automobile transmission to optimum operating function without having to replace every single of its part.


Going for a vehicle transmission overhaul as compared to replacement provides several benefits. The first one is that with transmission rebuild, you choose a lower-cost alternative as opposed to going for a brand new transmission. Basically, a good overhaul of the transmission is going to cost you half the money you would have spent purchasing a brand new unit.

Secondly, transmission overhaul usually saves time. When a vehicle transmission undergoes rebuild, often it is going to be ready only after three to four days in the mechanic or repair shop. On the other hand, a vehicle getting a brand new transmission often is going to be sidelined for over a week or even more. This depends on how quickly the new transmission is found, ordered, shipped as well as installed.

Last but not least, a transmission overhaul only replaces those vehicle components which are severely worn-out or damaged. This eliminates the overkill resulting from replacing those parts which are still in perfect shape.


Overhauling the transmission has the potential of restoring it to its peak operational efficiency and this also results into a long-lasting unit. Depending on how inclusive or thorough this unit is rebuild, a vehicle having an overhauled transmission often may be driven for several miles, and in some cases, even for the entire life of the vehicle, before the need of further repair of the unit. The quality of the components used, the skill of the mechanic and the thoroughness of the overhaul are all crucial factors which may extend significantly the life of an overhauled transmission.