Timing Chain Repair

Timing Chain Repair

Timing chains are the most forgotten parts of a vehicle when doing vehicle maintenance. But why is it very important? This little chain can break up of make up an engine. Fortunately, If you carry out timing chain repair often it will prevent this from happening. Timing chain can break from fatigue or from wear and tear. The following are some of the symptoms that it needs repair

Rattling noise coming from the front part of the engine; this is true for overhead camshaft motors with timing chains. It can also happen in timing chains with hydraulic tensioned by pistons fed with oil pressure from the oil system. If the timing chain jumps too much the valve can hit the piston because the timing is so far off. When such a thing happens, it is over for good hence timing chain repairs should be done earlier

Retarded ignition timing; basically, a vehicle that has an electronic ignition should not have an ignition adjusted unless its distributors are removed. However, as the timing chain stretches so as the gear wears, the camshaft falls from where it is supposed to be thereby retarding ignition, as well as the valve timing. In case, an engine will not run but starts after advancing the ignition, then the timing chain has probably skipped the tooth and timing chain repairs needs to be done.

When there are plastic chunks in the oil; it is advisable to watch your oil drain out and pour it out through a screen so that you can see the types of plastic that comes out. Most camshaft and are made of aluminium with a plastic coating which can break up and end up in the oil pan.If you see oil fragments then you probably have a timing chain that needs repairs. The first thing that you should do is to drop the oil pan and clean the oil pump inlet.

In brief, if your engine produces a rattling noise, has plastic chunks or you have a retarded ignition then you should perform timing chain repairs.