Suspension Struts

A vehicles suspension system serves two purposes i.e. managing road holding and handling which boosts the safety of your vehicle as it maneuvers on the road and optimizing the comfort of the driver and passengers by minimizing bumps, vibrations and noise. Thus, shocks and struts are important components of the suspension system and their wear impacts negatively on the safety of your vehicle causing dangerous swaying, compromised road handling and holding as well as hydroplaning. Suspension struts repair and replacement is therefore very important for the good running of a vehicle.

Signs That Your Shocks And Struts Need Repair Or Replacement

When your car rolls more than it used to as you maneuver corners or when it dips excessively under braking. Worn out shocks and struts give in to weight transfer to the front wheels thus increasing stopping distances. Diminished stability characterized by swaying, rolling in corners and bounding on the road when you hit bumps and steering becomes unstable at high speeds or a noise is produced while steering are other signals that your shocks and struts need to be looked at. Such symptoms imply that shocks and struts which have either gas or fluid in them are leaking, dented or that bushings are broken or corroded and need to be attended to.

Benefits Of Shock And Strut Replacement

Replacement improves the overall safety of the vehicle, prevents wear of the tires prematurely, and ensures consistent braking while improving comfort of all occupants. As well, it makes control easier by reducing rolling, swaying, dive and acceleration squat. Also, it reduces wear and tear on suspension parts which ensures a proper wheel alignment.

Recommended Replacement Time Span

The recommended useful life of a shock or strut is, 50,000 miles after which they should be replaced. Research has found out that doing replacement after such distance improves the vehicle stopping distance by up to 10 feet.

Your life and that of your passengers is very important, so, ensure you regularly maintain your suspension system. Don’t wait until a disaster strikes to visit the garage, the damage to your car might turn out to be costly not to mention the increased chances of losing life in a fatal accident. Why risk your life while you can easily manage the situation? Talk to us today and benefit from our motor repair and maintenance services at pocket friendly prices. We go a step further by offering a management service that tracks your mileage and performance to ensure that your vehicle gets maintained regularly to keep it operating optimally and giving you the ideal comfort.