Rotor Replacement

Brake Rotor Replacement

How Important is It?  Have you already heard the term, “brake rotor?” It is an important part of the braking mechanism. Brake rotor is not just the mere plate or disc that the pads press to stop a vehicle; it is among the three major parts of the braking system.

Common question among motorists is, “How often should I need a brake rotor replacement?” The standard answer to this is: every time a brake pad replacement is completed.

However, this should not be the case when semi-metallic or organic brake pads were mainly utilized. A brake rotor would last after the utilization of two brake pad sets. But it is also advisable to replace the rotors as soon as one set of brake pads is replaced. If the rotors are not replaced, the new pads need to hold a jagged and grooved surface which can wear the pad’s life too early.

But do you know that not all rotors can undergo the process of machining? There are certain exemptions that need to be considered. There are guidelines set by the department of transportation about the brake rotor’s standard minimum thickness. In the event that the rotor is too thin after machining, it needs to be discarded.

There are also facts stating that it is better to replace brake rotors than to machine them. Do you want to know why? Read on.

Machining Or Replacement?

It is more practical to replace brake rotors than to machine them, factoring the price of the brake rotor nowadays. In addition to this, new ceramic based brake pads last longer and even last for a lifetime. This is why a lot of vehicle owners choose to replace their rotors often in order to avoid spending more on machining.

When Do You Really Need To Replace Brake Rotors?

When brake rotors become worn and ridged, it is now time to replace them. Brake pulsation is also a good sign that they need to be changed.

It is inevitable for brake rotors to suffer deterioration; thus, it automatically requires brake pad replacement. A lot of rotors are composed of a gray cast iron with the grade conflicting depending on the metal compound. In order to avoid brake to fade and warp, a brake rotor should be at least a SAE grade G3000 or more.


After knowing the basic facts and standard knowledge about brake rotors, you now know if you already need to replace them. Consider the above-mentioned facts in making your decision. It is also best if you will have your vehicle checked by an automotive expert.

Brake rotor maintenance is indeed vital in order to make sure that your vehicle will function smoothly. Make brake rotor replacement as a regular routine in order to avoid further problems. It pays to be extra careful with this aspect.

Therefore, it needs to be reiterated that in order to achieve optimum performance, brake rotors should always be replaced as soon as a brake pad is replaced. Follow this simple rule and you will avoid further problems when it comes to your vehicle and your driving.

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