Filter Changes

Transmission Filter Changes

One of the most dreaded auto repair tasks occurs on an everyday basis in a transmission repair shop near you. When an automatic or manual engine fails, the biggest and most expensive thing you may have to replace is the entire transmission. However, by simply checking the transmission filter changes on a regular basis, you can ensure this vital part of the engine lasts even longer.

Fluid is an essential part of the engine. Similar to the way the lymphatic system in the body drains bad things from the blood system, the fluid in an engine reduces debris, eliminates friction and dissipates heat. If any of these things build up, they can have an adverse effect on the engine and cause it to fail. The manufacturer of your car or truck should have specific guidelines for frequency and mode of fluid inspection. There should be instructions outlined in your manual that you can follow.

There are a few different locations for filters in the engine and one is located in the internal transmission plan. A transmission repair shop can take apart the pan and identify the filter. They will be able to tell if it is dirty and whether or not it should be replaced. By replacing the transmission filter on a regular basis, you help the entire unit to run more smoothly and efficiently, thereby extending the life of the system.

Both fluid and filter are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. The most complex part of the process is to identify the different parts and remove the protective pan. Problems crop up if you don’t know what part you are looking at or don’t have the correct tools to remove the transmission pan and view the parts underneath. Asking for help from a professional can help you avoid costly mistakes that may end up costing more in the long run when a technician needs to be hired to fix your mistake.

By following these simple steps, you can extend the life of your engine and avoid costly trips to the transmission repair shop. Take the time to get better mileage out of your vehicle and stretch your dollar at the gas pump even further with maintenance and scheduled evaluation of your fluid and filters. This will go a long way to getting more miles out of your car or truck and cutting down on expensive auto repair visits that are unnecessary and costly.