How to Hire an Accountant

These steps will ensure you select the one who’s best for your business. Here are five steps to help guide you as you hire an accountant for your business. Accountants work with small businesses to help them comply with tax issues, maximize tax deductions and credits, and avoid IRS fines and fees. Hiring an accountant for small businesses can have lasting impacts, so you’ll want to make sure you hire the right one.

How to Hire an Accountant

Before embarking on your search for the perfect accountant, it is absolutely necessary to determine what exactly you need them to do for you. Because an accountant can offer such a wide variety of services, it’s important to distinguish what type of services you need prior to onboarding. A CPA has been certified by a state examining board as having met the state’s legal requirements. These professionals are granted certain responsibilities by statute, such as the ability to certify financial statements, and may be held liable for professional misconduct. If you want to hire a highly skilled senior accountant, you also need to be prepared to offer competitive compensation.

Let’s Find Your Next Accountant

But a good accountant possesses a lot of hard-won knowledge when it comes to financial planning that goes beyond the finer nuances of taxes. I’m a CA providing remote bookkeeping, accounting, and virtual CFO services for small businesses. I have 12+ years experience helping small to medium businesses, including 7 years working with Deloitte in Melbourne. Certified in most of the accounting software – Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Receipt Bank, Sage Handisoft, Spotlight Reporting, Simple Fund 360, Hubdoc, and Super Class – having used in Australia and New Zealand. I work across all industries and company sizes with speciality in eCommerce companies, digital marketing agencies, financial service providers, retailers,…

  • Enlisting the help of a qualified accountant is an investment that costs time, effort, and money, but in the long run, it pays off.
  • If it can’t offer specialized services, it may have relationships with other firms to which it can refer you to handle these matters.
  • If you find that you’re calling them for advice more frequently, it may be time to hire a full-time accountant or bookkeeper to take care of day-to-day accounting tasks.
  • There is no way to track revenues, manage expenses, create plans to save on taxes, or generate reports for potential investors, banks, or etc.
  • They may be able to help you change business structures in a way that will help you save on taxes.
  • This blog does not provide legal, financial, accounting or tax advice.

Creating a strategic ongoing accounting system is extremely important to experience the type of growth that the most successful companies experience. In addition to certifications, you should look for some type of expertise in your industry — or a similar industry.

When You Need To Gain Experience

They are objective, competent, and abide by strict confidentiality. They must also apply, be accepted into, and complete the CPA Professional Education Program. This is a graduate-level program that takes two years to complete on part-time basis while working in relevant employment. Maybe you have long-term employment but you also own a rental property or two. More than one income stream is positive for your bank account, but it makes your taxes more complex. You may be eligible for additional tax savings that you don’t know about but your accountant does.

How to Hire an Accountant

Be assured of Utmost Client Privacy, Competitive cost advantage, and Quick turnaround times. An ideal accountant will be familiar with how your specific company operates. They should be experienced working with companies in your industry so they understand the common costs and operating procedures. The right background will be especially beneficial for tax preparation. As a fresh year begins and tax season takes off, many business owners have the bottom line on their mind. In this article, we’ll cover how your company can find the right accountant for the job.

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The sooner you take that step—even outsourcing professional accounting services—the better prepared your business will be for unanticipated financial woes. As professionals in their fields who have to gather knowledge from various work experiences, accountants help their employers make important business decisions that could positively affect the company’s future. There are good reasons for hiring an accountant at different stages of your company’s growth. From a business plan to company formation, loan application to tax audit, an accountant can make life easier for you at each step. They want your business, and a consultation is their chance to show how they can help. In return, you’ll get free advice and a better understanding of what they’re able to offer you in case you choose to hire an accountant down the line.

  • As financial planning and tax compliance are part of the accountant’s job description, the ability to give attention to even the smallest of details ensures that mistakes are minimized.
  • Tax audits can be stressful and complicated, especially if you’re trying to run your business at the same time.
  • “Choosing an in-house accountant or accounting firm is a milestone for a small business,” Chamberlain says.
  • The cost to hire an accountant depends on a number of factors, like whether you’re hiring them full- or part-time and what tasks you’re looking for them to manage.

If you deal with the government as part of your day-to-day operations, it’s time to bring an accountant on board. Like with an audit, dealing with the government typically means having to manage mountains of paperwork. If you’re hiring employees, then your business is probably growing. Growth is a sign of success, but it also means that your business is getting more complicated. Along with the management of your new employees, you also have to consider payroll and the tax implications of expanding your staff. Many small business owners face this issue when they’re growing or expanding, especially if the growth happens quickly. There are only so many hours in a day and only so many tasks you can handle on your own.

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This is a good chance to identify if their knowledge applies to what you want to accomplish. But for accountants, this is an extremely crucial trait for they must embrace the challenges of a changing economy such as making the required shift to automation and AI technology. The primary job of an accountant is to keep the figures, financial data and paperwork of your business in check. Professional accountants must devise ways to find information quickly and efficiently.

How to Hire an Accountant

Small business accounting can quickly become complex if you do it on your own. If you feel you’re losing control of who owes you money and how much, an accountant can help you get back on track. Accounting software can make your tasks easier, and can also make your accountant’s tasks easier. How do you find that person who has the financial knowledge that’s a match for how your business operates? Financial needs and tax situations vary by company, for example, sole proprietors don’t have the same needs as owners who have employees.

Your Guide To Hiring An Accountant

Many small business owners put off hiring an accountant until it becomes painfully obvious that such services are needed. Certified Public Accountants and Accounting firms offer an important benefit. In fact, according to data from accounting firms, you’re less likely to be audited if your return indicates your professional relationship with an accountant. If you want to apply for a grant or a loan, information about the company’s finances is easy to access. Financial Reports and other information about the business’s finances are the responsibility of your accountant, who will produce statements as required. The accountant’s services also lend a degree of professionalism to your company’s reputation.

The more extensive your finances, the more elaborate your expense and income management. An accountant’s job is to prepare and examine your business’ financial records. Their core responsibilities are best summarized as ensuring all of your documents and data are accurate and your taxes are paid correctly and on time. Accountants can provide service to both individual taxpayers and businesses.

Inability to delegate can mean you’re left feeling overworked and stressed. At some point you will have to let go, and learn to trust other people to handle some parts of your business so that you can look after the rest. As a small business owner, no doubt one of the things you like best is that you have control.

I take great pride in my craft and believe it shows in the quality of work delivered. I am comfortable working independently or in collaboration with others. I have been managing QuickBooks Online for clients across various industries for almost a decade. I love to help my clients streamline their process to allow for bookkeeping to be less of a burden both time and cost-wise. With over a decade of experience in the service and construction industries, I am well versed in the nuances of construction accounting. I genuinely love the construction industry and enjoy expanding my…

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While you are well aware of an accountant’s job description, you should also know the duties they can perform for your business, company, or organization. It’s unlikely that you’ll have run your business for years without employing the services of an accountant. But if you have, you should seriously consider hiring one before you sell up. Some people start their new business from scratch, others prefer to buy one that’s already up and running. You should always consult an accountant before buying an existing business.

And there’s always the risk you’ve made errors – especially if you’re multitasking like most business owners. Hiring someone to provide bookkeeping services can be an interim step. It can also ensure that you provide good records to an accountant.

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